Friday, December 27, 2013

Making The Best Portable Guitar Stands

By Cornelia White

Keeping your guitars in their respective cases will save them from dust and dirt, but it will also keep them from view. Many musicians are so proud of their guitars that they really like to show them off, and like to keep them within easy reach. They therefore need stands for their musical instruments. Portable guitar stands are the best variety, as they can be moved easily from one location to another.

Although there are plenty of stand varieties in the shops, many people consider making their own. This can save you a good deal of money; money which can be spent on other items that are not so easy to make, such as amplifiers etc. All you will need is some wood, or even metal or PVC pipes. Some cutting and measuring tools are necessary too, but if you use pipes you can save yourself some trouble.

If you have decided to use pipes, you will need at least 20 feet of PVC. It is also recommended to buy the pipes that are approximately three-quarter of an inch in thickness. Homemade PVC stands are often liked because they take away the need for nails or welding, and no gluing is necessary. They simply fit together. They are also ideal if you have several guitars that you would like to hang up.

If you would rather work with wood, then you can also make the perfect design for your guitars. Furthermore, if you don't need a stand that can be moved around, you can simply fit the wood onto a suitable wall. Wall stands only need a long piece of wood that is the correct length for the number of guitars you want to hang, a few screws, tool hooks and washers.

Before you put on the hooks, make sure that your guitars can be placed with sufficient distance between them. Make a mark where the hooks will be. You will most likely find that about two feet is good enough.

Always keep a level handy when making this sort of stand. You will use it to ensure your hooks are in line, and you will use it when you mount the wood onto the wall. Once your hooks are in place, you can bolt the wood to the wall, using 3-inch screws and washers.

When you need to move your stand from one place to another, consider a tripod design. This sort of stand can also easily be constructed from wood. You will need to first draw your design, and then use power tools to cut it out and put the pieces together.

As the final step, your portable guitar stand can be decorated or painted. Before you paint, make sure the wood is well sanded. This will ensure the stand has an overall smarter appearance. You should also allow the first coat of paint to dry for at least a day (24 hours) before applying the second coat. Whether you choose eccentric colors or stain the wood, your new stand will be a very useful and attractive item.

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