Sunday, December 29, 2013

Treat Yourself To An Elvis Tribute San Francisco

By Cornelia White

Elvis is one of America's most popular and famous singers of all time. His fame and popularity continue today nearly forty years after his death. There is no doubt that you can find an Elvis tribute San Francisco to attend. There are thousands of impersonators worldwide and with any luck the one you choose to see will provide you with a stellar performance.

He began as a local performer in Memphis, Tennessee and was soon picked up by RCA records. His first single hit the top of the charts and his career in professional singing began. He first appeared on television on the Jack Paar show followed by an appearance on Ed Sullivan in which only his head was televised because of the way he moved when he sang. One of his best attributes was that he could span the entire genre of music styles with ease. Crossing over into several markets with one song was a common event.

He started making movies shortly after his singing career began and two years later entered the military. When he returned from the Army he returned to movies and making sound tracks for them. After nearly seven years away he began doing personal appearances again on the live stage. Unfortunately, he died while on one of these tours in 1977. Three days after his passing the studio released a new song that became an instant hit.

Today we have performers who impersonate him. They do their best to duplicate every aspect of his public life from his walk to speech and song styles. Some of these performers are very good and can be seen in clubs and private events.

You can book an appearance with an impersonator to entertain at weddings, birthdays, anniversaries or any special event you like. Many entertainers do excellent impressions of the King and you should be pleased with their performance. Generally though, these private shows do not rise to the level of being called a tribute. You need to look to a much larger venue for that.

There have been several conferences in the city dedicated to the King and attended by thousands of people dressed like him. They may hold impromptu performances on the streets and in hotels where they are staying. These parties have a convention like atmosphere and everyone is encouraged to attend and join the fun. Although these are not necessarily formally held in honor of the King they do pay homage to his memory.

In a sellout event the Giants base ball team put on a game dedicated to the king and his fans. They had several impersonators to entertain fans before and during the game. They also handed out door prizes to the first twenty thousand people through the gate. There were contests throughout the game for costuming and singing.

The baseball game was the most recent Elvis tribute San Francisco and it proved to be a great success. There were several winners during and after the event. The fans were treated to a tremendous show as well as gifts and a knock out win by the Giants and the Elvis Presley Charitable Foundation received a donation of the proceeds from the game.

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