Friday, December 27, 2013

Trends Dominating Telugu Movie News In The Coming Year

By Cornelia White

As the Indian film industry attracts an increasing amount of attention from all over the globe, the Bollywood silver screen is having a major impact not only on film but fashion as well. In fact Hindi films are taking the world by such a storm that even Disney has taken on its own Bollywood brand. In the coming year, it is likely that many of Hollywood's kingpin production companies will be creating their own Hindi films, which are sure to change the way local producers handle their movies. Telugu movie news will cover it all.

Disney Studios is adding its own unique take to Hindi films by bringing in its own comedic style. Its recent film release, Shah Rukh Khan, will influence its future films, which will introduce new talents and high definition three dimensional imagery. In this way, local talent is set to become a global craze, as the Hindi movie style moves onto a global scale to influence worldwide trends.

Disney is not the only Hollywood powerhouse wanting to take on the Bollywood franchise. Fox International is currently considering creating film adaptations specifically for an Indian audience. The project is likely to bring sequels, graphic novels, and television series to the country, hot on the heels of the most popular films.

Any Body Can Dance was Fox's most recent release. The dance movie employed local choreographers and actors. Fox is expected to make a sequel that will exploit the talents of Disney studios and Marvel. As the Indian film industry attracts more interest, funds will be drawn into the national economy while simultaneously improving the output of local film makers.

The high gloss elements that Hollywood studios bring to Hindi films are still incapable of hitting the mark quite as well as local film makers. There is a particular style of indie film making that major productions tend to miss, so local movie buffs are still looking forward to the smaller offerings of local film makers.

In the coming year, there are some exciting independent releases that are already generating plenty of interest. Their release dates have been carefully planned to allow directors and editors to put the finishing touches on their latest offerings. One of the most exciting of these is Highway, which will be distributed globally early in the year.

Bollywood is known for its romantic comedies. In the near future, the genre will continue to dominate the industry. Side Effects, a rom-com that will be released on Valentine's day, is expected to generate the most interest in its genre. In terms of nouveau films, it is Queen that will probably take the awards. It has been selected for the Busan International Film Festival and will be released all over the world.

Science fiction has only been of interest to Indian filmmakers in the recent past. The trend began in the Fifties when Kaadu was produced. There are no less than four sci-fi releases expected in Bollywood next year. Superheroes, monsters, and aliens will all hit the Hindi silver screen, and reviews can be expected on Telugu Movie News as they are released.

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