Friday, January 31, 2014

Evaluation Of The African Romance Movies

By Nelda Powers

Romance films are special love-related recordings that are broadcast in visual media. These are recorded on the visual platform for the television and theaters. They mainly focus on various love and emotions such as passion and affectionate involvement between a man and a woman. The African romance movies focus on the deep emotions between the main characters within a cast. The characters follow a very long and tragic path that is often regarded as a test for their love.

There are a number of characters within a cast. Most of the stories have several main characters. Other films have one or two main players. In a love film, the main characters are mainly a man and woman. As the movie starts, different environmental conditions are configured such that the two end up meeting. In most cases, they meet in very unfortunate and tragic environment. This is aimed at making them stronger as the forces of the nature work against their union.

A number of the love stories work towards moving the emotions of the audience. Most of them often find themselves in very hard and compromising situations. The plot and the development of the story aim at boosting the suspense of various events. Conditions that bring the two lovers together are artificially generated in most events. In others, the forces of nature bring the lovebirds together. This is followed by a series of events culminating in falling in love.

The lovers face a number of obstacles as they fight for their love. Some are often segregated by the families especially where the lovers are from different races. The racial prejudice from the parents often proves to be a tough situation to deal with for the lovers. Financial complications may eat into the relationship. This often happens where the man in the relationship is not financially secure. This brings about a lot of insecurities and this often creates tension.

Strong and well founded relationship have to face some tests. The tests form a very strong wall between the partners. In some cases, the walls may drive the partners away from each other over a period of time. Temptations from the opposite sex may lead to cheating even in very strong relationships. Infidelity may cause withdrawal among couples. The union of love faces tension in such times. This may bring about some differences between the woman and the man in the film.

Several themes may be explored by the movie directors. Love is often believed to be expressed at the first instance or meeting. This is what prompts the directors to express their beliefs. Most of the movies explore the love at first sight. The characters meet in very unfortunate conditions and build on their love after that.

Films are categorized depending on the themes, messages and the type of casting used. Drama is a very special genre of the films. It dwells on creation of various stories that bring out different elements of human life. Love is created and developed through a series of events. These types of love-based stories are mainly aimed for the female viewers.

Chick flicks are one of the commonest African romance movies. They focus on developing special attachments with the female audience. Most on them bring about several themes. They focus on educating how women ought to be handled. Women are very special beings who ought to be taken care of and loved always.

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