Friday, January 24, 2014

Finding An Anime Reviewer For You

By Marissa Velazquez

When you are looking for an anime reviewer it helps to know both aspects of what anime is and what a reviewer is. This will help you to find the ideal people who will provide the kind of people who will give you the kind of review you want for the films and TV shows that you are likely to enjoy.

When people think of anime they tend to think of cartoons with slow motion and repeated frames. While it is true there are plenty of television series and movies like this that is just one example of the kind of work that is produced in Japan in this particular style of animation. What you choose depends on you and your personal preferences.

For example a lot of people associate it with slow motion and repeated frames. It tends to suggest fluid movement and not necessarily that much detail. However this is not necessarily the case. Hayao Miyasaki is a notable exception. As a director he painstakingly drew frames by hand, providing rich colour and detail.

Some people will use rating systems. This may involve stars or amounts out of ten. This is best if you are in a hurry and want to see what someone thinks at a glance. If it is three out of five or five out of ten then you may wish to see why they think that in order to gauge whether or not the title you are looking for will appeal to you. Often the three out of five ones tend to be in the middle, with some people enjoying them and others less so.

It is important to emphasise that in Japan it is accepted that animation is a visual artform. There is not the same idea in the Western world that it is mainly intended for children. This is why if you go to the anime section of a video store then you are likely to see a wide array of titles.

This is why it helps to look at a number of different sites. You can then begin to see what people think and whether there is a broad consensus or not. You are unlikely to always get everyone agreeing but often certain names are likely to keep coming up and these are often the best places to start.

As you read more and more you should then be able to see who offers the clearest reviews. As well as being well written they ought to be reasonably in tune with what you think. Often the best ones will be entertaining enough in and of themselves regardless of whether or not you buy or rent out the titles they recommend!

In short an anime reviewer can make it easier for you to find something you want to see. There are everything from website pages, social media accounts and podcasts through to videos. Look online to find out more and to explore all the options available to help you learn more about anime and find the titles you will want to see!

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