Friday, January 24, 2014

Finding Marriage Counseling Arlington Or Elsewhere

By Marissa Velazquez

There are many theories about why fifty percent of all marriages fail currently. Some traditionalists say it is because women work and do not rely on men to support them. Others say the women are too career- oriented. One prominent thought is that there is a lack of communication between husband and wife. If both are willing to pursue marriage counseling Arlington offers many qualified therapists to help.

Many married couples have heated arguments about money and how to spend it. Sometimes the argument extends to the fact that finances do not allow for the added expense of counseling. In some cases, the therapy is covered by insurance. In others, the couple must pay for it themselves.

Usually, both partners will attend the first session. Questions about their relationship and what problem is most troubling will be discussed. There may be more than one issue to resolve. It can be financial or one partner may have a grudge against his or her mother-in-law.

If the couple has children, it is important to make an attempt to save the marriage. In most instances, children are better off with two parents. Of course, if they continue fighting and the house is an unhappy place, all parties might be better off if the marriage is ended.

It is worth spending some time finding out if it can be saved. The marriage counselor who is qualified will have a degree in social work or psychology at the masters level or higher. In some cases, religious leaders counsel their parishioners. Any counselor will listen to both sides of the problem. In addition, he or she will observe the way partners interact with each other.

If only one partner is willing to go to the sessions, it can still help by aiding her or him in understanding. Perhaps by changing her actions, the stress will be relieved. When the partner sees some hope for change in a situation that seems impossible, that change may be effective in and of itself.

A therapist is paid to give advice and the couple should follow that advice. But, when something does not make sense or makes you feel uncomfortable, you are not obligated to take that advice. When a couple is seeking help for sexual incompatibility, it may be difficult to discuss all the details. It is not possible to achieve a successful resolution without open discussion.

A well-adjusted couple may have no problems until they encounter a crisis situation. Each may have a diametrically opposed impression of the situation and how to handle it. If there is a death in the family, or a financial crisis, they may be unable to deal with it. The relationship may be damaged. Unless they can communicate, it is doubtful they can repair the damage.

A therapist remains objective and is able to assist both spouses in coming to an understanding of the point of view the other spouse holds. Reasoning might be possible and each may wish to restore the formerly happy marriage they once enjoyed. That will enable them to work with the counselor to solve their differences. For marriage counseling Arlington listings will offer qualified therapists who can help to mend a broken relationship that may well be worth saving.

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