Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Indulge Your Artistic Side With Abstract Watercolor Painting

By Eliza Mendoza

Art is a very subjective thing and different styles appeal to different people. One thing that seems to be universal, however, is that embracing art either as a collector or as a painter is a wonderful way of getting in touch with yourself and your deepest desires and dreams. Abstract watercolor painting is a very fluid and expressive style that many people adore.

Working with watercolors is a very satisfying experience. To begin with it can seem so simple and it really is one of the most satisfying mediums to work with. However, the true talent only appears after years of practice as the individual needs to get to grips with his or her own style, ability and the natural way that the paint flows.

There are many artists who prefer to do landscape paintings in this medium because it lends itself to it very easily. The sweeping lines match the landscape perfectly and because of the high water content it can become an abstract image with very little effort. This is often the way that artists discover their love for this style of painting, purely by accident.

Drawing and painting animals is often a very effective method of becoming a truly talented artist and this is still true with watercolors. You can work from photos or other paintings or from the real thing, but it is often easier to focus on the lines of the animal and the manner in which it moves rather than the details of the fur. This is because water colors don't always lend themselves to the finer details.

The portrait is where the water color artist really comes into his or her own. Playing with colors and the contours of the face is one way to really get to know a person's look and the individual's style will naturally come out in this type of piece. However, practice is essential. At first it can look a little childlike but with time the paint strokes will become more professional and expressive.

Abstract art is often misunderstood by people looking at it without opening up their minds to the possible meaning behind it. It is a very personal style of painting, but it can have multiple meanings, depending on how the individual looks at it. A good abstract artist will understand this and use their experience of the medium to convey their ideals in a way that many people can connect with.

Viewing art is all about interpretation. Each artist brings something different and each individual brings something different when they view it. We all bring our own experiences and perceptions to the table when we interpret art and this is something that the artist needs to consider when they are painting. To leave the painting open to interpretation is essential.

Abstract watercolor painting is a beautiful art form and one that many people come to appreciate without even realizing. Stunning paintings of this style can be found everywhere and they are a marvelous source of inspiration. Painting in this style is also a wonderful way to understand objects in a much more meaningful manner.

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