Sunday, January 26, 2014

Stories Of Miracles In The Bible

By Marissa Velazquez

Miracles are surprising events that people often pray for because of the positive effects they bring. An HIV patient for instance prays that one day, the virus will disappear from his blood system. These events do not agree with scientific theories so they are linked to God's intervention in the lives of men. Stories of miracles abound in the Bible where different kinds of individuals were both partakers and beneficiaries of God's divine help.

One of the stories worth mentioning is the healing of the woman with an issue of blood. The woman's blood flowed continuously for twelve years until the day she met Jesus. She just said within herself that all she needed to do was to touch the hem of His garment; and that was all. Her blood flow seized as soon as she took the action.

Another interesting one is the healing of Blind Bartimeus. Bartimeus always begged along the street until one day he heard Jesus was passing by. Even though he had not met Jesus personally before then, he had heard so many things about Him. This prompted him to shout with a loud voice asking Jesus to have mercy on him. In the end, he received his sight for the first time since his birth.

The story of the demon possessed man (legion) is another miracle. Before Jesus met Him, many people had tried their best to bind him. However, he always found a way to break the chains and injure himself. When Jesus met Him, he cast the demons into a swine of pigs and let them drown in the river by the side.

Another astonishing wonder was Jesus walk on water. The purpose of this miracle was not to show off but to let his disciples know they could do anything he does by simply looking unto Him. This is true because He also beckoned on Peter to do the same.

The feeding of the five thousand men with only five loaves of bread and two fishes is another stunning miracle. Before it happened, Jesus took the loaves, broke it and then gave thanks. Jesus wanted His disciples to know certain things here. First, he wanted them to understand the benefits of sharing. Next, He wanted them to understand the importance of giving thanks to God even when problems still seem to remain.

One of the greatest miracles in the Bible is the raising of Lazarus from the dead. Lazarus was sick for some time before his death. Even after his death, Jesus still delayed for four days before going to Bethany. When Jesus went, Lazarus had already been buried so he ordered that he be removed from the tomb. After praying, Lazarus came back to life and the people around became more astonished.

There are other stories of miracles in the Old Testament that can also increase the level of one's trust in God. For example after reading the account of how the Israelites passed through the Red Sea and how Naaman was healed (in 2 Kings 5:14), your dependence on God will improve. God still does these things today; you are also eligible to ask for own share of His divine visitation.

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