Saturday, January 25, 2014

Taking Up Ballet Classes Westchester Ny

By Marissa Velazquez

Ballet is one of the oldest dancing arts in the entire world and is still quite popular among both sexes even up until today. Of course in order to learn this special way of dancing, it is very important to first take up some ballet classes westchester ny. Now if one is interested in taking up a class, then be prepared to do some things that are mentioned below when first starting.

Of course when each lesson starts, it is always good to first have some really good stretching exercises in order to condition the body to become more flexible. Flexibility is actually really needed for this type of dance because one will be stretching hands, legs, and even the back while dancing around the stage.

Once the body conditioning exercises have already been done, then the next thing that one would be learning would be some of the primary techniques of the dancing art. Of course foot positions are extremely important so that one can keep balance. Now position one is one of the basic ones and would require one to put the heels together with toes pointing in opposing sides.

Position two is the next thing to learn and is actually very similar to position one but in this one, the two feet are a few inches apart from each other. The position three is done from after position two which involves crossing the two feet. Just imagine doing a crab walk with the feet spread apart and the toes pointing in opposite direction.

Then there is the fourth position where the feet will be coming from the third position but now the toes of both feet would be facing each other. The fifth position would be pretty much the same as the fourth one but one foot will now be in front of the other one. The sixth position is probably the easiest one because it involves standing where the two feet are facing the front.

Now after learning the ways on positioning the feet, the next thing to do would be the plies exercise. To do this, it is important that one would hold on to a barre first and try to do the first foot positioning technique that was mentioned above. After doing that, then the next thing to do would be to bend the legs downward and then go back up again.

Another set of exercises that would be helpful to the dancer would be the tendus where one leg will be lifted to the back then swung forward. Take note that this technique will ready the dancer to perform a spin in a performance. Also, it will help the dancer practice balancing on one leg.

So if one is up to taking ballet classes westchester ny, here are some of the things that will be taught. Do remember that these are the fundamental skills. Without these skills, it is impossible to move forward and learn the other advanced skills that will be needed for a full fledged performance.

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