Monday, January 13, 2014

The Qualities Of Good Paper For Water Color Artists

By Marissa Velazquez

For most of water color artists, choosing the right paper can be very tricky and challenging as well. This is mostly contributed by the availability of so many papers in the market which are either fake or do not meet the set standards. However, with the right information, you can confidently walk to any stationery shop and purchase the right paper without any problems. This articles looks into some of the factors you need to be aware of before purchasing any paper.

The feel of the paper when touched or texture in other words should be considered if you wish to purchase the best type. Be informed that the best paper suitable for beginners in drawing is the hot press type. This is a distinct paper with straight grains. It is smooth thus ideal for most drawings. The Other papers are either rough or cold press in texture. These papers are usually used by experienced professionals.

As it pertains to weight matters, you need to understand the various batches available in the market and how to differentiate them. The batches are labeled in pounds as their standard measuring units. The least weight in 90lb. However, the 140lb type paper is mostly preferred for beginners. It is smooth and ideal for detailed artistic works. For more experienced artists, the 300lb paper can be good for various works though it is expensive.

The absorbability of the paper you intent to purchase should be not minimal. The paper should not be able to sock in the pigment. This simply means that the pigment should partly absorb and should not appear on the other side. This is the best paper for you.

The cost of the paper is another factor which needs to be considered as well. Look out for papers which are within your budget. It is important to compare prices for different outlets. This will serve as an eye opener as you will be provided with the choice of selecting the outlet which fits your budget.

The format and size of paper for different artistic drawings needs to be factored in before the purchase. The size of the paper you need to purchase will depend on your requirements. If you need to do detailed work, then you can go for the minimum paper of 18 by 24 inches in size. These papers are available in sheets, pads or blocks.

Moreover, you need to purchase clean papers. Ensure that the papers you are bound to purchase, either in sheets, rolls, pads or blocks are free from dust, grease and any other type of dirt. Clean papers will make your drawing look smart and appealing.

It is of extreme consideration that you should not purchase a paper which has been manufactured from acidic ingredients. This kind of paper extensively reacts with different pigments and thus it is not good for use. Most water color artists have complained that such papers are difficult to work on. You need to scrutinize the labels in the packaging material of papers to ensure that they are acid free. If you are not sure, you are free to ask the attendants of the outlet. They will help in choosing the right acid free paper.

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