Thursday, January 16, 2014

Wonderful Old Fashioned Radio Shows

By Marissa Velazquez

The best thing that anyone can do is to find out about old fashioned radio shows. The people involved in these events are pioneers of the sound system and they continued their careers over television. Families in the past had loads of fun listening to their favorite special on certain nights. Everyone could hear the munching of popcorn as these people enjoyed their programs. It was even great that these family members bonded during this time.

There were so many programs to choose from and each family member was eager to hear them all. They enjoyed listening to the smooth sounds of Perry Como or any other sensational singer. Burns and Allen would always give them great comedy along with Lucille Ball. Bob Hope was the best entertainer around at this time and he did so much for the military.

Lucy Ball was one of the first women who was able to make human beings laugh every night. She had perfect timing within her show and would always strive for perfection. Her event over the music box was later turned into a television program which lasted for many years. Over time these programs would always show Lucy getting into serious comical trouble.

In private Ms. Ball was a strong willed individual who did not put up with any crap from her peers. She would fire people who disagreed with her and this made everyone quite frightened. Vivian Vance was in financial trouble at the time and had no choice but to work with Lucille on the television series.

Many teenagers in society can really relate to Mr. Archie Andrews and his very funny friends. Archie and Jughead started off in the comic pages but soon moved to the wooden box over time. They had many adventures at their high school and even started a rock band some years later. This show featured many unknown actors who had great voice talents.

Luckily the comic book itself is still a great success today and people everywhere are still laughing at Archie, Jughead, Betty, Veronica and Reggie Mantle. This is one franchise that has made millions of dollars over the years and Archie will always remain a student at Riverdale High.

A woman named Blondie could always make people laugh during her nights over the sound system. Even though this show was about Blondie her husband Dagwood was the one who was really funny. The comic strips are mainly about her clumsy spouse and the trouble that he always got into. Television audiences even enjoyed seeing this couple in black and white.

Young people all around should try to listen to an old fashioned radio shows. This will enhance their education in many ways and give them a view into their grandparents past. During those times there was no profanity or nudity to be seen or heard in programs. People had more innocence as they listened to Gunsmoke or any other program that happened to be on at the time.

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