Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Great Chicago Actors Are Around

By Jerri Perry

Americans really adore Chicago actors who know how to entertain an audience. Many of these performers are very savvy and they do not take any grief from anyone. They are always able to maintain their humanity on many issues which exist within this world. Dennis Franz, Barbara Bain, Gillian Anderson, Robin Williams, Fred Savage and Sean Hayes are all great performers from this part of the world.

Anyone around knows that Sean Hayes is one funny Illinois man who can laugh at himself and life itself. He never really takes things too seriously and many people respect him for that. The producers of "Will And Grace" knew that they had hired one talented person when he portrayed Jack on this show. Even though he was gay Sean never shared this information with other people.

He eventually talked to "The Advocate" and told his entire life story to them. Months before this coming out story happened Sean went on to star in a Broadway show. Unfortunately the critics wanted a straight man to portray the male lead instead of Sean. The show's leading lady wanted Sean to continue on in this event since she admired gay men.

Sean decided to shut everyone up by telling the truth about his sex life. From this point on he lives his life as a very happy gay male. Nowadays he has tried his hand at producing even though he played the main character on a show called "Sean Saves The World." The series was very funny but it just could not get an audience since Americans have no respect for gay people.

There is one resident of Illinois who is funnier than anyone else that is around. His name is Robin Williams and fans everywhere know him as Mork from the planet Ork. He enjoyed his fame on the hit ABC television series "Mork And Mindy" before moving on to many movies. Robin did stand up comedy before entering into the television and film world.

Illinois is very proud that Dennis Franz is not afraid to show his naked behind on "NYPD Blue." He portrayed a very tough detective on this show for many years and the fans loved him. This is one man who really looks like a real life police officer. Many of the detectives on television today all look as if they stepped out of a fashion magazine.

Former Illinois resident Jim Belushi wanted to do everything that his late brother John did. John and Jim both starred in "Saturday Night Live" which is aired on NBC in America. Jim also proved to be just as funny as John after some time had passed.

Barbara Bain is one proud person to be part of the Chicago actors list. She gained fame during the 60's when she portrayed Cinnamon Carter on "Mission Impossible." After leaving this series the producers could never find a good actress to replace Barbara. They tried to hire several women to fill Cinnamon's role but every person failed to gain the audience's attention. Barbara was also the only woman to star in this series which featured her husband Martin Landau. Her and Martin finally left the series due to money issues and they both starred in England's "Space 1999."

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