Friday, February 7, 2014

How To Choose Stem Cell Treatment Centers

By Jayne Rutledge

When you are sick, you usually want to find the best clinics that can take care of you and help you recover fast. If you have been advised by your doctor to undergo stem cell therapy, it is essential that you find the best stem cell treatment centers. Since there are many clinics that are currently offering these services, it is essential that you know which one is right for you. Consider a number of issues when deciding which clinic to go to.

Talk to people who have undergone the procedure before and ask them about their experience at the clinic. This will give you insight about what to expect at particular clinics. You can also check out online reviews left by former patients about different clinics you may be considering. Also, your doctor can give you some good leads on where to start your search.

Find a clinic with a proven track record. This includes their ability to deal with your condition and the number of successful treatments they have provided to their patients before. This will require that you do your research. The clinic should have the facilities to care for sick patients. This includes technologically advanced medical equipment and qualified personnel. This will give you a peace of mind in knowing that you are getting the best possible care.

The location of the clinic is important. Clinics close to your home would be ideal if you want social support from your friends and family while you are undergoing treatment. In addition, a clinic closer to home will be quite convenient if you will require regular follow up care. On the other hand, if you find a good clinic which is located far from your home, you can consider getting treatment there. You can go with one or more of your family members for social support.

Paying a visit at the clinic may be a good idea. It will give you an opportunity to review the place and to scrutinize if it provides good care to its patients. Do not be shy to talk to some of the patients or workers at the hospital, so as to find out if the clinic is a good fit for you.

The clinic should have legal accreditation to provide care for patients with your condition. Check with the medical board in the country or state where the clinic is based to ascertain this. Also, the doctor whose care you will be under should have specialized in stem cell therapy.

Clarify with your insurance company whether they will cover the cost of the operation or not. If the insurer will cover the cost, they will let you know which clinics they cover. You will have to select a clinic from the list provided.

The operation can be quite costly, especially if you are paying out of pocket. Find out how much you are expected to pay and what specifically the cost covers. If you cannot afford to pay for the operation, ask if the clinic can provide you with financing. Some stem cell treatment centers are affiliated with financial institutions, which can extend you credit.

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