Tuesday, February 4, 2014

How To Make An Abstract Watercolor Painting

By Serena Price

When creating an abstract watercolor painting, the artist has to follow a certain process wherein he will be brainstorming, conceptualizing, and then painting. There is a misconception in most people that abstract artists would just randomly paint using random colors and random strokes. Of course the truth is that artists in this field are actually painting an object in their own perspective.

Now the very first thing to do would be to get some equipment for the artwork. Of course one will be needing to get an assortment of colors of paint and put them on small palette before he would start working on his piece. After that, get a paintbrush, a small cup of water, and of course get a canvas to draw on.

The very first step in this process would be to look for an object that will be the object of the artwork. Of course one may choose what he would want as an object for the artwork as long as it does not move at all. When choosing the object, one has to make sure that he has a certain connection to that object so that he can actually paint it.

After choosing the object and concentrating on it, it is good for a beginner to first lightly draw the object on the canvas. This will help the artist be able to create something out of the simple drawing because the simple drawing will act as a point of reference. So if one is not a seasoned painter, then he may do this step first so that he will not have a hard time.

Now the very next step would be to take a close look at the drawing of the object he made. Conceptualizing is very important as this point because the artist will now be trying to visualize the outcome in his mind. So all he has to do is to think about how he perceives the object and then put it down into the canvas.

From there, he can start with mixing the water and the paints. After doing this, he may start with any color that he would want as the portrayal of his painting will actually depend on his own creativity. So based on his small drawing, he will create an abstract portrayal of that object that he drew.

The last step here is to edit the artwork a little bit by adding a bit more layers to add some color and strokes. Now editing the artwork is very important because it will either make or break it. So one has to just continue putting some more strokes and colors that are nice so the finished outcome is beautiful.

So basically, those are some of the steps that one may take if one is a beginner in abstract watercolor painting. Do take note that creating an artwork is a process and will not have any substance if the creativity process is not followed. Artists do not just paint anyhow as this means that they did not put any thought into their work.

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