Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Tips On Selecting Silk Painting Supplies

By Jayne Rutledge

Many artists like utilizing silk painting supplies to decorate clothing. This has numerous commercial applications and is also a fun hobby. People enjoy getting items which are produced using this technique as gifts. People usually find that the products usually look better when great materials are used.

Talent is an important factor in this field of art and people who create beautiful and original work are gifted. However when an artist utilizes great materials, they can do lots more than they would working with regular equipment. By just looking at the descriptions of these items, it can be hard to tell the quality of one item from another that is in the same category.

Some people try different brands of silk painting supplies when they first start out and then finally settle on just one because the products meet their requirements. In many cases, artists find that inks carry a scent that can be heavy and sometimes causes irritation of the nasal passages. People who have sinus problems or suffer from asthma should look for products that carry a mild scent.

You should also be on the lookout for paints that are dense. Some are very tick coming out of the bottle but when you try to dilute them, you end up with a faint color. In some cases it is difficult to get an even shade on all areas of the fabric. This is a significant problem and may even interrupt your work or cause frustration.

Marbling kits make it possible for to create interesting designs on cloth. Six different bottles are usually provided. These include red and other primary colors. You should check that the set contains darker, attractive shades such as ebony and lighter tints like white. Also find media that allows you to work faster.

Make sure that your marbling kits have pigment that are of good density. Just as with other techniques, poor consistency can make your picture look uneven in some patches. This destroys the overall effect that you want to achieve. In some situations, poor ingredients make the process take longer than it needs to. Some kits also lack essential materials.

Blank silk scarves bring joy to novices who have visions of how their work will look once it is completed. People who operate studios of their own also experience the feeling of anticipation that comes with seeing a blank sheet. These materials are available in packs by themselves but also come in kits with applicator bottles, brushes and stretcher frames.

Many people who search for silk painting supplies cut their stencils themselves when necessary. In fact, many enjoy doing so. If you are not comfortable doing that or are in a hurry, you may be able to find suitable stencils that are a good match for your theme at stores that sell water based resist, surface design dextrins, no flow primers, waxes, brushes, gutta or other materials in this category.

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