Wednesday, April 23, 2014

About The Artist Alexander Koleszar

By Essie Osborn

A person who came well in a society that shuns his very existence is definitely someone who we can admire as it is not very often that a strong person is showcased. The name of a person who exhibits this type of behavior is none other than Alexander Koleszar and is a well known modern painter. Although many know him just for his works, many do not know the painful experiences that he had to experience while growing up.

Now mister Koleszar grew up in the outside of Detroit which was known as Michigan, a place known for sports, hunting, and all kinds of other rough and tough activities. Now growing up in this environment was not very ideal to him simply because he was a homosexual. Aside from that, he was also a loner and an introvert which made him have a hard time getting friends.

Things were very hard for him while growing up because while other boys were playing rough games and doing other boy things, Koleszar kept to himself and to his thoughts. As early as his pre teens, he had already felt some strange feelings that he knew were different from his peers. Of course he kept this as a secret because he feared not being accepted.

Throughout his entire childhood, he enjoyed painting and he really excelled at it. In fact, some of his paintings were hung up in the city hall of his town. However, the downside of being a good painter at that time was that many of his peers saw that as a girlie past time and therefore referred to him as a person with sexual ambiguity or simply a gay.

Now because of his inclination to art, his male classmates would always tease him and make fun of him calling him names like faggot. Of course deep inside he knew he was gay but he still tried to hide it inside. After years of hiding, one day he could not take it anymore so he had to tell the people that were close to him namely his family members like his mother, father, brothers, and sisters.

However, instead of helping out, they made things even worse. They thought that he had a mental disorder so they sent him to psychologists and counsellors. They also thought that maybe he had a hormone problem which is why he was attracted to men. So for this they sent him to a doctor who is specialized in the endocrine system.

When nothing could be done about the situation, he was chased out of the house and forced to change his name. He moved to Phoenix, Arizona and decided to start a new life there away from all of the drama. He lived with his sister and decided to study there and finish up his college education.

From there, he started to live a new life and even went to college at the Arizona State University. It was here that he met a medical student with whom he fell in love with. Through all this, he continued to pursue his passion for painting and was able to come up with sets that appealed to so many people.

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