Wednesday, April 16, 2014

How To Pick The Right One Act Plays For High School

By Anita Ortega

Choosing the right drama can be a challenge for any individual. This is particular true for one act plays for high school. This is because these pieces are short but complete stories that take place in a single scene and last for less than an hour. For you to choose the best scripts you should follow these guidelines.

You should choose a piece that does not have lots of explanation. Therefore, you should ensure that any information that is extraneous to the drama is not included. This is because you may not have enough time to factor all these in the acting. Therefore, you cannot waste time providing background information or giving explanations on stuff that have not effect on the immediate aftermath of the situation or scene.

Ensure that your story is complete. This is important because you do not want to have a play that has quite a promising start, but it fizzles out with a very weak ending. Most writes tend to start out with an excellent idea, or character. However, they may fail to create a satisfying story from their ideas.

You should educate yourself for you to make the right decision. This is important particularly if you have never handled dramas before. Theaters tend to vary in form and even content. Therefore, you have to check them out for you to choose one that will suit your objectives. Ensure that you read and personally watch several pieces to understand their nature.

You should choose a drama that has few location sets. One set plays offer limited time for one to communicate new information to your viewers. Therefore, for better understanding you should use simple ideas. In addition, you should avoid many set changes as they can be confusing for the spectators and will make your drama to appear long and uninteresting.

Most people choose dramas because of their own personal reasons as the story may resonate with them. However, in your selection process, your main target should be your audience. Remember that it is not a privilege for anyone to see your production; it is an honor for them to pay to watch it.

You should opt for set structures that are quite simple. This is because you will perform your drama in groups of at least two on a single night. Therefore, ensure that the sets can be easily stored in the facility you will be performing in. You should get ideas about these from your art director or set builder.

You should always choose pieces that complement each other. Your listeners will have problems adjusting from a light comedy piece to one that has dark tragedy. Therefore, consider the themes and styles of the skits so that you know the emotional shift you will expect from your audience.

Most people have problems picking the right theatre piece for you. This will ensure that you choose a drama is entertaining and complete. You definitely want your viewers to have a memorable experience. Therefore, you should entirely devote yourself to the selection process for good results.

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