Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Great Tunes Of The Grtns Band

By Eloise Hewitt

Finding acceptance as a band is a very challenging endeavor. This has been confirmed by the many groups that have been formed and failed. The Grtns triumphed in this area to produce incredible hits. The name has its origin in greatness which indicates its potential. From its first album, it is poised to produce legendary music in its lifetime.

The band is made of two brothers Dylan and Lyan. They also work as song writers and producers at the same time. They have been performing in their native town in Philadelphia, working for and with other groups. This allowed them to have an experience of the scene before they decided to venture into singing.

Their musical genre was urban hits which they created for other writers. Fame came to them while they worked as writers and producers. The change in focus has created a self contained team. It has the writers, producers, recorders and mixers in the same group.

Writing and producing own music is an incredible challenge and shift for the team. It calls for a higher level of professionalism which can allow self criticism. They have managed to perfect this and win a large following through incredible performances.

Lyan and Dylan site such bands as The Killer, U2 and Cold Play as their greatest inspirations. This has shaped their approach to music. Their background in urban music has made them distinct from their mentors. The urban taste makes their music endearing.

Pundits have described their style of production as Wall of Sound. It manages to perfectly blend dance and sound to give it a palatable feel. It also combines anthemic rock which adds depth and energy. Such blend is rare and unique in such a way that their songs are popular and classical. Their performances are energetic and captivating.

Dylan and Lyan produced their first album under the title Greatness and was released in March 2014. The album premiered on MTV and Vevo and was an instant hit. The music reflects the choice of the name Greatness. It inspires everyone to search within and unearth his potential.

The message in the music contained in Greatness is inspiring. It indicates that everyone can achieve what he or she aspires. All that is required is to identify the forms and shapes in which greatness is manifested in life.

Dylan and Lyan can be described as excellent producers considering the mastery with which the first album was created. It perfectly captures the unique individual moments that reveal greatness in a person. The cross cutting feeling all through the album is that of avant-garde vignette and energy.

Performances in different parts of the world have raised the profile of this group. Their concerts are totally sold out with a cross-generational audience. They easily win the hearts of voters and judges when entered into competitions. Their music and performances are uploaded on the web. They also are available on other platforms like social media which allows easy interaction. The band is very promising.

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