Sunday, April 20, 2014

Tips To Help You Learn How To Play The Piano

By Essie Osborn

Learning musical instruments can take time. Thos is not something people can do instantly and it does involve patience. While some people can learn music more naturally than others it is still important for people to work at it. This is why learning how to play the piano is as much about your attitude to learning as it is the act of learning how to perform on a musical instrument.

Learning how to play will depend on your circumstances. For children there is often the issue of focus. It can be difficult to explain to a child that they will not be able to pick up a skill instantly. Just like it is not possible to learn a martial art by watching a load of movies it is not possible to just look at people playing and then become instantly proficient.

With adults there is the issue of time. People often complain that they do not have time in their schedule. The fact is if you are committed you can often find an hour in your day to practise. It does not matter if this is fifteen minutes here or there throughout the day. What you may find is once you get started you will do more than your allocated time!

With adults the issues are slightly different. People often want to take time to learn how to play a musical instrument. The problem is finding time in the day in order to do it. However it is possible to find an hour per day between classes so that you can become more proficient.

Another thing is to pay attention. While some people learn by ear a lot of others learn by reading music. The best way to learn how to read music is to treat it as reading prose and to pay attention to the notes and the gaps between the notes. In this way it is almost as if the music forms sentences. This will then make it easier to notice mistakes and correct them.

There is also the issue of time signatures. Some people can struggle with this, especially when first learning. A good way is to count the number of notes. Over time as you get more confident you will be able to stop counting out loud and find it easier to do this in your own head.

Another way to gain confidence is to play in front of friends or family. While a lot of people may find this difficult it is a good way to develop self confidence and to get feedback. Over time you will then find it easier to play in front of more people. This is especially important if you need to perform in front of a lot of people as it will make it easier to get used to this.

You can find numerous classes online. It is worth checking to see who is available in your local area. It is best to talk to a number of teachers to find out about their experience and to learn about their methods. This is especially important if you are looking for someone to teach your children. With the right approach you will find the right methods to help you or your children learn the right way to play the piano.

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