Thursday, April 17, 2014

What Piano Lessons Helena Alabam Would Teach

By Anita Ortega

In the world of music, probably the most revered of all instruments would be none other than the piano. This timely instrument is an extremely popular one that many music masters of the old would play and even spend a lifetime perfecting it. So if one is interested in learning how to play this classic instrument, then he should go for some piano lessons helena alabam.

Now one should take note that on the first day of his lesson, he will not even be touching the piano. The very first thing that the teacher will be teaching would be how to properly read notes and how to interpret them. Now he will be learning what the C, D, E, F, G, A, and B notes are and how they are to be played.

Now once he learns how to read these notes on the music line, then he can already go and start practicing on the piano. First thing that he would learn would be the primary keys of the instrument. Now when he sits down on the seat, he should actually notice that there are two types of keys which are the white keys and the black keys.

Now to start off, he should just start off with his right hand and practice his left hand later on when he has mastered the right one. Now the thing that he should do here would be to find the middle C key on the keyboard and position his thumb there. After that, he should put his index finger on the D key, the ring finger on the E key and so on.

Now the very first thing that one would be doing would be to press the keys one after the other slowly. Now this is an exercise that would help his fingers get used to the pressing of the keys. Of course one should start off slowly first then gradually increase the pace when he feels like he can already.

After he is already done with his right hand, then he can now practice already using his other hand. Now if one is not used to using his left hand, then he will not have an easy time and will have to dedicate a little more effort. It is only after he has perfected using both hands separately then he can start playing simultaneously.

Now once he is done with the very first finger exercise, the teacher will be giving him another set of finger exercises to practice on. Do take note that as he learns more and more exercises, the exercises will become more and more difficult which would result in some strained fingers. Now when he is done with those exercises, he will then learn the chords.

In a nutshell, chords are a combination of keys that one would play all at the same time in order to create a full and complete sound. Now when one would be playing a song, he would be incorporating these chords. Upon learning all the basic chords, he will then be able to learn a song.

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