Monday, May 19, 2014

A Guide On How To Be A Great Actor On Plays

By Minnie Whitley

A play is a type of literary work which is composed of scripted dialogues between different characters. It is made specifically for a performance on theater rather than to read it. One could observe some plays where many people line up to watch.

Aside from having a great dialogue, it will also need actors to portray the characters. The actors will be the one to put that script to life by using their skills and talent. One would be amazed on how they would perform. You could find the best actors on the Phoenix plays.

Phoenix is the capital of Arizona. It is also its largest city. Phoenix AZ is also the sixth largest city in United States. Phoenix is more than just a desert. This city is also rich in art and culture. You will never wonder if you can watch a play which you may consider to be the best one.

If you think of being in the field of acting in a theater, there are tips you could follow. The first one is to be able to learn to relax. You need to learn how you can relax your muscles in the face and body. When you are tense, the audience will easily notice that. Your voice will waver and some movements would become unattractive.

Another thing is to keep oneself in the moment. It would help you remain in your character. You should become the character that you portray. You have to envision how this person would be reacting, dressing, moving and talking to people. Do not be scared of becoming someone else.

You have to speak clearly when acting. You have to show emotions but avoid overacting for it. When you perform, do everything to make the audience believe who you are trying to be. The little actions you would do will be noticeable. You can change your voice and accent.

Teach yourself on how you would be able to project. Acquire a recorder. Put that recorder away from where you are, press the record button and then be away from it. Talk about anything. After doing it, listen on how you have sounded. Do those steps again and be sure to back away much further to learn projecting more. Practice vocal warm ups so you will not have your vocal cords strained. Focus on talking clearly. It is essential in making your audience understand the word you say. Speak with emotions. Facial expression is essential too. Make different kinds of that while you face the mirror and look at your face as you do that. Practice the script whenever you have opportunity.

Socialize with other people. They can teach you their view. You can watch some actors on how they perform as it will teach you a lot. You can also develop a style. Ask questions if you have one. Stage fright is nothing. When those stage lights are turned on, you can hardly see the audience.

If you want to be an actor, follow those tips. It will improve your skills. You may even land on a great role.

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