Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A Short Background On Natasha Murray Actress

By Minnie Whitley

If one would go to New York, he would notice that there are a lot of theater plays there with a lot of talented performers as well. Now probably one of the most talented actresses to come from theater productions in this area would be none other than Natasha Murray actress. If one would want to know more about her, here is a short background.

In a nutshell, she is a performer who has acted in a lot of theater productions and has even starred in a few shows that were popular on television. Now just to give people an idea about her, she grew up in the West Indies and eventually moved to New York. There, she learned about the New York culture and also integrated some of it to her own original culture.

Even when she was young, she already had a passion for acting as she would participate in theater arts during her high school and elementary days. When she got into college, however, she decided to pursue a degree in Accountancy in order to have a more stable career. For her Accountancy degree, she went to Bernard Baruch College.

Now because of her background in accounting, she was able to work in Plusfunds Group Inc. Of course she was only there for a short while before she really landed a job as a certified public accountant in ExecuSearch Group LCC. Eventually, she decided to quit that job and become a finance manager at Jennison Associates.

Of course she eventually quit that job as she was offered a much higher position at the Gottex Fund Management. She was offered a position as a director in this firm because they saw her potential as an executive. She started working in this firm in the year 2009 and still continues to work there until now.

Aside from her degree in Accountancy, she also took up special acting classes in the Michael Howard Studios. She took up training from this Studio for one whole year and eventually signed up for the Summer Acting Conservatory program which is also in New York city. After her training, she immediately made it as a performer in numerous theater productions in her area.

As for television, she was also able to land some good roles in shows that appeared on television like Law and Order Special Victims Unit. After that, she was able to get a role in the movie Adam as one of the characters there named Foxy. Today, she is still continuing her passion by performing in stage plays like Intimate Apparel for the Steel River Playhouse and many more.

She is definitely a person who has succeeded in both her financial career and her passion. Being an accountant and an actress at the exact same time is very tough as both of these are two extremely different things. However, because of hard work and dedication, she was able to pull it off and become one of the most successful people in both of those fields.

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