Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Do It Yourself Flower Arrangements And Become An Instant Florist

By Arline Bradley

One of the best things that a man can give to a woman would be an elegant bouquet of flowers. Though it is very common and sometimes appear the same along with what others also receive, it is still very touching and overwhelming when you receive one. But, what most really want to know is how to grow and arrange these sweet surprise.

There are different companies that specialize in arranging flowers. They have ways on how to prolong its life span and maintain its fresh look. Bellevue florist has the best looking flower arrangements in the area. You too can make it by yourself. It might be a bit difficult but you sure can manage by looking at the following steps.

Of course, the most common tool you need to have is a vase. A transparent glass vase is common. As a beginner, what would be best for you to use will be a plain colored one. That is to avoid color conflict with the color of your flowers. You will also need something to hold your stems. You can use either colored marbles or plain pebbles. You must avoid using sand as it is too plain and might make your creation look boring.

Check out the bottom of every stem . You have to cut 1 inch of each of them. The best position would be slanting to allow them to absorb more nutrients and so its life span would be prolonged.

Fill half of your vase with water. Be sure that it is at room temperature. Do not just think about the water temperature as nothing because it will really affect the growth of the flowers. This should be considered as an important matter like anything else.

Try to check out how the flowers would look in your vase first. Before buying bunches or picking some from your backyard, see to it that it fits how your vase looks like. It would be such a waste of money and effort if it will not go together.

You must feature one really great flower. Make it as the center of everything. It should be the best that you have.

Pollen stamens are considered to be the pests of flowers. Though it is part of it, they can destroy the coloring of every stem. It can even stain whatever it touches.

Learning has to be a daily workout. If you are trying to make everything the best way possible, then consider being consistent in practicing and looking for more styles. Be motivated so you will get to build your goal. Starting up something more productive is good, but you have to assess yourself if you have really gotten all the things that you need to put in mind and to remember. One or two designs would not make your shop boom. Keep pushing yourself to know more.

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