Monday, May 26, 2014

Facts On The Koaloha Concert Ukulele

By Marci Glover

Musicians in all musical genres aim to select instruments that allow them to deliver a good performance at all times. However, it can sometimes be hard to find tools that do this and are also durable. A KoAloha concert ukulele meets all of these requirements plus many more and this is part of the reason why some many players like this brand.

Artistes across the world sometimes hear all about this brand as they grow up. Other amateurs and professionals sing its praises because they are satisfied and so, these young musicians aim to play the instruments for themselves. Word of mouth has helped this business to grow over the years and now, players from many different parts of the United States use their equipment.

The positive reviews that the instruments have received are not without reason. Every item that is produced in their workshop has a full range from pianissimo to triple forte. This gives players more flexibility and makes it possible for them to easily express themselves with each piece that they play.

Concert Koa ukes and other types of ukes which are all produced in Hawaii, have received lots of care. The musical tools are manufactured with the highest level of workmanship at every stage. Men and women who have been able to visit the factory in person and take a tour are able to try out the instruments for themselves.

The Koa factory offers their tour for free and allows you to see firsthand how their products are made. The tour is just another one of the ways in which the team endeavors to remain in touch with their customers and give them the highest level of service. The talented craftsmen take immense pride in what they do and are led by the founder, Alvin Okami. He is a composer, innovator and inventor. Papa Okami also sings, plays the oboe and does graphic and industrial design.

This business is regarded as a part of their community because they operate like family. They take care of their customers and are always responsive. Anyone who has an issue can contact Mr. Okami and he enjoys staying in touch with customers. The team shares the skills of building ukes and recently held a class in that area for Japanese children who were affected by the tsunami.

Oahu island offers visitors many interesting opportunities to learn more about music at this factory, which is regarded as one of the best worldwide. The ukes are all made in different styles and while they are affordable, the craftsmen do not scrimp on quality. Many players enjoy using the bright, deep five point Tenor Scepter and other popular models such as the Pineapple Sunday.

Papa Koaloha builds ukes for the joy of it and is constantly seeking to improve the performance of the instruments and offer something even better to the market. His personal philosophy leads him to aim for instruments that offer musicians a full dynamic range. They can produce quality sound at any end of the spectrum and at loud volumes and this makes musicians love using them even more.

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