Sunday, May 18, 2014

How To Create Your Own Pressed Flower Art

By Arline Bradley

Flowers play a crucial role in plant reproduction. The dazzling colors and heavenly fragrances of these blossoms make them irresistible to pollen gathering insects such as butterflies and bees. When these creatures make their way through blossoms, they pass these pollen around and make way for the growth of new plants.

Flowers are also used for many things. They are extremely popular gifts for any occasion. They are also used in decoration. Grand events and receptions are never complete without floral arrangements adorning the venue. They can also be used in pressed flower art.

This is the creation of crafts using dried flowers. They can take all forms of crafts. There are pressed flower greeting cards, candle holders, decorative pictures and even adorned frames and sculptures. You can make this into a hobby or. For the business minded, turn it into a unique craft art for sale.

To be able to make this kind of art, naturally, you will need pressed blossoms. They are allowed to dry for about two to four weeks before they can be utilized. There are many ways to preserve, but three types are commonly used by craft aficionados. You can choose whether to use a big book, a microwave oven, or a flower press.

Whatever method you are planning to choose, you have to have the flower first. Flat ones such as forget me not are easier to press due to their shape, as slightly round ones like chrysanthemums are much harder to work upon. But, round or flat, you are at the liberty to choose the variety you like to use in your art. Just make sure that it is totally dry before working on it.

If you would like to do the pressing the old way, you will need to have a heavy book. Medical books serve the purpose well. All you have to do is to pick out the page, preferably near the end. Place a piece of paper to protect the text, place the bloom on top and another piece of paper to cover it. Then, gently close the book. Do not forget to change the papers weekly.

You can also buy a flower press from an arts and crafts store. If you can not find one, make an improvised version by utilizing two pieces of wood which are of the same sizes. Drill holes on all corners and place screws on every hole. Line the first piece with cardboard. Afterward, position the bloom on top. Cover it with another sheet of card board paper and put the second piece of wood on top. Press them all together by tightening the screw on all sides.

The last is the use of a press. You can make one by getting two flat sheets of wood and placing four screws at each corner. Same as the first two methods, you have to sandwich the blossom in between two sheets of paper then slip it between the wood and screw them tightly. After a few weeks you will have your perfectly pressed bloom which you can use in numerous crafts.

These blooms can be used to decorate the cover of a greeting card. All you have to do is position the dried flora according to your creative style and glue it in. Aside from cards you can decorative special paper to use them as gift wraps or notebook covers.

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