Saturday, May 17, 2014

Important Etiquette When Watching Plays

By Minnie Whitley

You are excited. You have been wanting to watch in an actual theater for the longest time, but you just did not have the chance to do so before. Now, you are about to come to one and enjoy a performance that you have since been dying to witness.

You have been looking forward to the day when you can finally watch this play that you have been wanting to watch, you were having a tough time securing a ticket for the performance. You could not believe your ayes when you finally got through and was able to reserve the right tickets for plays in Phoenix. Prior to the play date, here are some things that you need to know about first.

Understand that there are specific things that you need to do and specific manner in which you are expected to act when you are part of the crowd of spectators that watch performances held in these establishments. This is different from your usual stage. So, the manner in which you are expect to act here may be significantly different than what you were used to.

Understand that your gadgets are going to be off too, during the whole time. It is critical that you will find out how important it is that your devices are turned off the moment that the show begins. Understand that there is going to be a need for silence when the shows actually begin. It is critical that you will avoid turning it on as nobody would be pleased to glimpse your screen LCD when thy want to actually focus on what is going on in the stage.

Arrive early. Regardless of how near or far from the theater in Phoenix, AZ you are, you have to be there ahead of time. Make sure to at least come to the areas ten minutes prior to the start of the program. The show will not wait for you. Besides, if you come late, you will have to be seated at the backseat temporarily. Then, you will only be allowed to move to your assigned seat during the intermission.

Dressing appropriately is something that you need to make sure of too. Of course, this does not mean that you have to come in with ball gowns on. No, it is not that formal. But you definitely cannot come here in torn jeans, in flip-fops too. Casual, semi-formal clothes would work best for regular dates. For special showing, cocktail dresses would do just fine.

Be quite. Sure, you have been a fangirl of whoever are the actors that are currently performing on stage and you cannot count the times that you have watched the performance before. But try to stop gushing over every single line that they utter while the performance is going on. Try to keep quite and let others who are seeing this performance for the first time enjoy the moment too.

If possible, try to a void bringing your kids with you. This is especially true if the story is not really kid-friendly to begin with, they will get bored. They will just start running around, you will get frustrated. You are going to end up wasting time on tickets. So, what you must do instead is just bring them along to shows that are appropriate for their age.

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