Friday, May 23, 2014

Information About Belasco Bottle Service

By Minnie Whitley

If you are a fan of upscale nightclubs you have probably come across Belasco bottle service. If you are yet to come across this kind of thing then you need to hang out in clubs that are more posh. Since this service is quite new on the scene it is mostly found in high end entertainment spots. It is commonly referred to as champagne service. What happens is that clients order champagne at a premium price and they get a whole package that includes several mixers and several other things.

The guests get a waiver on the cover charge and they also get to enjoy a private bar tender or VIP host. This is a perfect way of making the patrons feel special and important to the club. On the other hand the owners of the nightclub rake in extra revenue. When one guest gets treated in a special way other patrons will become envious and pay for similar services. This will increase sales for the club.

This kind of services have become common in posh night clubs in cities like Los Angeles CA, Las Vegas, Miami, New York, Vancouver and many other places around the globe. It is important to make sure your club stands out from the others if you want to keep more and more clients pouring in. One way of making your bottle service stand out is making it a party.

A good example of how you can make it extra ordinary is making it a party. You can carry out several activities to make sure the attention of the other guests is concentrated on the guest who orders this special treatment. One way of standing out is changing the music. It is also advisable to blast confetti and smoke to attract attention. Organize a parade to get the most exposure. Make sure the servers are parting and dancing so that they are easily noticed.

By getting all the attention from the guests in the club you will make the clients who ordered the treatment feel like a million dollars. This will make other guests envious and they will definitely want to try out the same thing. The main reason why clubs do this is to increase the amount of revenue they get. The champagne is usually marked up.

Most of the nightclubs that offer this services report a huge increase in profits. This is because the special treatment is charge highly. If you couple this with the already marked up price of champagne the revenue for the nightclub is way above average. All you need is to get your staff members to invest a little more time in the clients.

Champagne service is raking in super normal profits for many clubs. When one bottle is ordered there is a rush that follows in the next several minutes as other guests also want to feel like a million dollars. Services vary from one club to another. However, the clubs that have parades attract more attention and thus get more clients requesting the same services.

The good thing with these services is that the cost of investment is relatively low and the sales opportunities are huge. All you need to do is make guests envious of other patrons so that they can pay for the same treatment. In Los Angeles CA you need to be creative in order to keep your club dynamic and profitable.

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