Thursday, May 22, 2014

People Can Not Get Enough Of Raunchy Music

By Minnie Whitley

Individuals around the world love to hear a song about sex and violence whenever possible. This is why raunchy music will always dominate the record charts for quite some time. Cher loves to dress very seductively in her videos while singing about men, sex and other exciting topics. Madonna is also fond of tunes that make her seem like a really slutty person.

Sometimes parents will get upset with their children for listening to all of these sounds throughout the entire day. Many ministers believe that certain tunes will cause youngsters to act in very promiscuous ways whenever possible. This could be really bad for society.

Madonna has been telling people about her sordid sex life for many years and she enjoys having many partners. When this singer recorded "Papa Don't Preach, " it made her an immediate celebrity with many fans. This song tells the story of a young girl who is about to give birth to an illegitimate child and her father does not like this at all. Within the recording you can hear Madonna pleading with her old fashioned dad who values the true Christian religion.

In the 90's this same singer scored big when she decided to sing "Justify My Love." The song was very racy and had many people complaining about it. There was also a sexy video that went along with this tune which had brief nudity within it. The fans could clearly see a woman's breasts while watching this tape. There is also a scene where Madonna kisses another woman and then locks lips with a man.

She is seen in a shady hotel that has all types of weird people within it. These characters are scary to look at since they seem to be high on drugs. Some of these individuals are gay while others are lesbian or bisexual in nature. They are all doing their own thing within this very seductive recording that will really freak some people out.

Certain parents around the globe tried their best to have this particular video banned throughout the world. Cher has always been a major force within the music industry and she continues to dominate the charts even to this very day. She enjoyed dating very young men since her breakup from her latest husband.

One rising star named Tom Cruise was really heating things up with the much older Cher. Their love relationship was very special to Cher and eventually Tom broke her heart. She then wrote the tune "Strong Enough, " which was very successful on the music charts. Cher had a habit of wearing very seductive clothes within her videos.

Another singer called Lil Kim has always written songs that would degrade men and other human beings around the planet. This woman created a tune called "The Jump Off, " and it really talked negatively about certain situations. She describes herself as a black Barbie that could have any man that she desired. She also talked about putting a soda can in her mouth. It was well known that this particular woman had a bad habit of placing things down her throat. After this recording was made Lil Kim went to jail for a few years.

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