Friday, May 9, 2014

Simple Steps For Pool Table Movers

By Heidi Carver

Pool is a very popular game that mostly everyone can play. More commonly known as pocket billiards, this game requires a special table that has six receptacles or pockets wherein you shoot balls using a cue. There are hundreds of variations of games. More popular ones are the eight ball, the nine ball, three ball, straight pool and one pocket.

In order to play pool, you have to have tools. A special table measures 3.5 by 7 feet and weighs up to a thousand pounds. Due to its weight, one will be requiring the help of pool table movers should you wish to transfer your furniture to another location. Other equipment includes balls and cue sticks.

There are many professional movers. But, this does not mean that it is impossible to move one without professional help. If you wish, you can get as much people as you can to help you share the heavy load as you do these simple steps in moving the furniture.

Before anything else, have a staple puller and some safety goggles at hand. You will be using both of these when you remove the pockets. Use the puller to pull out the wires that hold the pockets in place. Since these wires can go in all directions when pulled, protect you eyes from getting hit by wearing an eye protector.

The next step is to remove the rails that run along the entire length of the furniture. These are screwed in position so you need a socket wrench to remove them. With the help of a friend. Slide each side out carefully, flip it over simultaneously and separate each section one by one.

The felt goes away after the rails. You will need to use the puller again to pull out the staple wires that hold the cloth in place. However, if the felt is only placed over with glue, simply remove and fold the cloth neatly. You can buy a new felt cover, or you can simply use the old one again.

To remove the slates, use a power drill. You may also need to use a flat head screwdriver again if the screws are coated with beeswax. Simply scrape out the beeswax away with the screw driver then you can proceed with the power drill. Carefully stack these slates together.

To move the table, you will need wooden dollies. Since one dolly is needed for each of the legs of the table, you need four all in all. To avoid scratching the table, it would be wise to cover each dolly with some fabric. Ask the help of others to lift one side of the table. Place dollies underneath each leg. Raise the other side and put the remaining two below the legs.

Moving a table is very very hard work that needs good arms and sturdy backs. While it is possible to move it without professional aid, it is still best with you acquire the services of professional movers. There are bound to be movers near you, as really great ones are found in cities like Denver, Colorado. These movers offer great services for affordable rates, so you do not have to strain your back trying to save money.

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