Thursday, May 8, 2014

Steps On Cleaning Your Stuffable Animals

By Tracie Knight

Most people love stuffed toys. It is one of the valuable belongings of a person. It remind us of the moments these toys represent. Some of them bring us some of our happy memories.

Just like your things you need to take care of it. Stuffable animals need to be cleaned once in a while. It needs to be cleaned to maintain its appearance. If you keep them maintained, they will last for many years. Here are some steps on how you could clean them properly.

If it is dirty, check if the toy has some care instructions from its manufacturer on the label. One needs to follow the instructions as they are the proper things you have to do. The care instruction differ depending upon the materials they are made of. Some have fur coat which is made using materials that are synthetic like a polyester. Some also have natural materials like a wool which covers its body.

Have some baking soda. Sprinkle some of the baking soda to the animals. The baking soda will keep them fresh for some time. Leave the soda there for about fifteen minutes. After fifteen minutes, brush it off. Do not put too much force on brushing it as you may damage your animal.

Get a vacuum and turn that on. Use a hose attached on the vacuum so you can gently vacuum some of the dusts and dirt off your animals. One has to do it every week. Make sure there are no tiny objects that might get sucked off from it. The loose eyes, ribbon and bows are examples of those things.

If you see that there are soiled marks on it, you should remove that too. Remove it using a mild all purpose cleaner and a sponge. If it is heavily soiled, use a scrub to brush off the dirt in that area. If you wanted to remove spots and stains, you can use a rubbing alcohol for that one.

Washing your toy in the washing machine should only be your last option. Again, check the label if you can get them wet. There are those who will be damaged when they get wet so you have to be sure of that. If you have to do it, place them inside a pillow case one at a time. Close the pillow case using a safety pin. Wash it on the delicate cycle mode. You could also add some fabric conditioner so that they will have a fluffy coat.

Use a hair dryer in drying them. It would be best is a hair dryer is used rather than a clothes dryer since the stuffed animals are so sensitive. You need to be careful not to get it so close to that hair dryer. If one does not have dryer, he could let it be dried on air. It could take you many days to have it dried but that is the best thing to do to avoid them from getting damaged.

These stuffed things are also our valuable things. There are people who consider it as part of the family. Just like a family, one needs to keep taking care of them.

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