Friday, May 30, 2014

Ways To Have A Safety Face Painting

By Marci Glover

Sometimes, an occasion is not complete without the fun and activities. One of these activities is the face painting Oahu that makes the whole party more enjoyable, especially for the children involved in the event. For those who have talents in painting, it already becomes a career or a business. Whatever type of painter you are, most importantly, you follow some safety measures.

Oahu is known as the gathering place and the third largest of the Hawaiian Islands, however, it is the most populous of the islands in the US state of Hawaii. It is also popular for painting, especially in most birthday parties. Thus, it is necessary to know the basic safety measures.

You should always aware of the paint you have to use. Do not use non toxic pain because it is not for the skin. There are also some coloring materials that are not good for the skin like color marks. It contains harmful chemicals that are not suitable for the face. It can leave some bruises and irritations to the skin.

As a painter, you should be sure that you are not using a harmful glitter such as metallic craft glitter. This is not recommended for face used. Better use a polyester kind of glitter. It is recommended by the FDA to be a safe cosmetic for the face.

Use a sanitizer that is good for cleaning the brushes and sponges. Never use alcohol since it is great in promoting bacteria in the materials. Use a sanitizer that is recommended to have a safety result. An amount remaining on the brush can contribute severe pain in most tissues in the eye part.

It is important to consider anyone who has an illness, sores and wounds. Do not paint them because it may enhance the illness to get worse. It is not also good for those who has acne problems. It can cause irritation to a sensitive skin while removing the paint away. In situations like this, it is advised to paint another part of the body, such as the arm or hands.

Most children are prone to head lice. Before any action, you need to check first if they have head lice. To make avoid contamination from lice, you need to pull your hair back. You are holding the child while painting, so there is a possibility that it will transfer to you.

Make yourself to be comfortable while doing the act. You need a chair that makes you convenient and for the protection of your back. It could damage your back if you are uncomfortable sitting. If you are painting in a standing position, make sure that you are wearing a well supported shoes.

It is a possibility, that every party that you attended, many of them love their faces to be painted. Since there are so many people in an occasion, you will be exhausted. That is why, you must drink plenty of liquid and east your snacks every hour, so that you will not faint that is caused by hunger or exhaustion.

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