Thursday, May 1, 2014

Working With Illustrators In Maine

By Essie Osborn

Many people are looking for someone who is experienced with illustrations. It may be for a book, poster or newsletter. There really is no end to the ways that an illustrator can work. Some of the most popular styles are graphic artists, children's illustrator and cartoonist. In addition there are freelance photographers who have a huge amount of work available to choose from or who can do a special run just for a particular piece.

There are so many occasions when good graphics really make a difference. After all it is the picture that people notice first before they go on to read what it is about. The old saying a picture is worth a thousand words is still very true today. In fact in today's fast paced world visual images are even more important. Working with illustrators in Maine can really help to get a message to more people and generate valuable business.

Just about every piece of writing is accompanied by some type of images. This can be a simple one page notice or invitation all the way up to a lengthy piece of work or book. Having the very best illustrations can help everything to reach a wider audience. It has been proven many times that the human eye is attracted to certain colors and designs more than others. Those who study this often do better in their work.

Softer muted colors are easier on the eye. They tend to convey feelings of calmness and harmony. On the other hand very striking images can be too much and may actually put readers off before they have time to move on to the written part of the message.

Authors may get a some input into their book covers. Fantasy works offer so much scope for creative designs. Many people fall back on a Celtic theme and use the beautiful script writing and the illuminated style of the middle ages. Even after hundreds of years there is something about this look that is very appealing to the human mind.

Event plans and guides also need high quality illustrations. These can be a combination of hand drawn work, photographs and computer generated graphics. Working with a really skilled designer is well worth it as they can help to get the balance just right and the finished product will be really stunning. A few well chosen pictures can really capture the heart of an event.

A good children's illustrator is very aware of exactly what appeals to a young child. They will often spend time studying child psychology to learn what is appealing to the young mind. Creating beautiful works that help to foster qualities such as imagination and creativity are so rewarding. There is always a need for talented artists to work on high quality materials for the younger audience.

Clients should be patient and never rush into anything. It is much better to spend extra time on the planning stage and get things right the first time. After all there is only one chance to make a good first impression.

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