Monday, June 9, 2014

How To Get Creative With The Use Of An Airbrush

By Lila Bryant

Creativity does not stick to one method of producing art. This is exactly why, in the world of visual art, there are various fields. Those who are good with a knife utilize their expert whittling skills in the creation of stunning 3D models and statues. Those who are good at working with the good old earth use clay to make their masterpieces. Also, there are those gifted with the uncanny ability to mix colors to create a scene using only airbrush Orlando.

Sculptors make three dimensional and most often very much startlingly realistic works. Illustrators and sketchers bring life to a flat surface armed only with lead pencils and inked pens. Painters employ an uncanny knack for color combination and light and shadow techniques through airbrush Orlando to create the most vivid pieces that their generation can be proud of.

There are various mediums in painting. Perhaps the most heard about is the oil based method. This makes use of linseed oil boiled with resin such as pine and even frankincense. They were noted for their superb body and gloss effect.

Pastels are noted for their appearance that is usually paler than that of other color palettes. It is in the form of a stick, which is actually still the same natural pigments mixed with a low saturated binder. It is usually preserved under protective glass or sprayed with a fixative because the paintings are usually fragile and easily smudged.

Watercolor, as its name suggests, is painting using pigments suspended in a water soluble vehicle. It is traditionally used by the artists of China, Korea, and Japan, who usually used it in monochromatic black and brown. For a watercolor painting, an artist most often uses paper, others papyrus, also vellum or leather.

Acrylic paintings use a fast drying paint that pushes ans artist to work quickly yet with virtually zero mistakes. Acrylic paints are diluted with water that become water resistant when they dry off. Results can be quite astonishing. The main reason why acrylic is most often used nowadays is their ability to produce an effect similar to one done in oil, but in a shorter span.

The modern generation saw the rise of street art, such as the graffiti and the three dimensional type which succeeds in fooling the human vision with optical illusions. This was then seen as vandalism, and graffiti artists were usually caught by the police. But now, more and more people are opening up to the idea of street art and some paint manufacturers even make special spray paints for the very same reason.

In the same manner as spray painting, airbrushes also employ the same mechanism, although they are made on the body of automobiles rather than walls. If you want to give your ride a brand new look, you can do that by airbrushing. To do this, you will need topcoats of either acrylic or enamel paint, some newspapers, sandpapers, paint thinners, safety equipment, and spray gun or air brush.

First you will have to wash your car and clean it thoroughly. After drying, you can sand the surface to bare metal. Once done, you will have to wipe the body with clean cloth and apply some thinner. You may start coloring in the body once the thinner has completely dried off. Though it may take some time to complete the task, you will be able to save a lot. The heady feeling of self satisfaction comes as a bonus.

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