Thursday, June 12, 2014

Knowing The Story Code Geass Anime Review

By Sally Delacruz

There have been a lot of topics that has be talked about in some animations to reflect life in symbolism. Some animation may just have some traditional political views with a touch of the futuristic effects just like in the anime Code Geass. A Code Geass Anime Review might just have one ideas about the flow of the story.

Japanese animation has been by far in its advancement to create a better storyline. Anime fans are already trying to discover cooler stuff with the new ones that they can have there. With this, they can also formulate their own relation to what they have seen since they can let themselves know more about the storyline.

The animation is sometimes based on or is released with the Manga version. Manga is a comic series that has complex storyline about a character. One might have some thoughts on how they should have themselves an effective way of dealing with the things that they can have there.

This follows the story of a guy named Lelouch. He was a banished prince from Britannia that got his Geass from a mysterious girl named C. C.. This grant him to deal with the power to control the will of others. C. C. Grants Geass to other individuals and is also immune to its effects, but cannot use it for herself.

Their world has been divided into three namely, Britannia, Chinese Federation, and European Union. These superpowers have been dealing through war so everything might just be done right with according to their own way of leadership. The people have been taking chances to rebel against the leadership.

A new weapon has been created and released by Britannia to get to be used in the war. The Knightmare Frame or the Autonomous Armored Knight is used as the armor robot to have everything be done well. Soldiers and agents are controlling the robots to get to what they want to achieve.

The people are making their own way done as they want to have their own freedom to also have the war be ended. Lelouch is also one of those that are against the chaotic reign of the people that used to be his people when he was a prince. He uses his Geass to have everything be ended and destroy the kingdom to create a better one.

Lelouch also has his alter ego to do his mission without being known. He works as Zero to make his actions be possible as there can be those to let him handle those that should be corrected. With this, he has to outwit everyone that comes his way to get to the completion of his mission.

Fans of the anime have their own interpretation on the symbolism of the anime. They might have themselves the things they can get to think about. As they let everything be done well in the moment. Right there, they will be dealing with all those ideas they can handle right as there should just be the things to let them handle everything.

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