Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Qualities To Look For In An Elvis Impersonator San Francisco

By Sally Delacruz

The music industry has been growing at an alarming rate in the last three decades. The advancement of technology has enabled the creation of musical instruments that are able to produce superior sound and offer the audience an almost live performance experience. However, many people still want to feel that stage experience. Many artists, therefore, are not able to meet the demand for their presence in different areas.

The high demand has seen the rise of impressionists who are able to offer what the real artists can do. However, to get such a performer, one would need to search widely. If you need the best Elvis impersonator San Francisco can offer some of the best entertainers you can choose from. However, only someone with the qualities listed below can meet your needs.

Consider physical qualities. Your audience could be quite perceptive. Therefore, you need to convince them that they are watching the real Elvis. Look out for small things such as hair color, height, and body size. Although you are not out there to deceive people, they should feel that he person on stage is the real artist.

Consider the voice qualities. Not many people have the ability to mimic the voice of a person and be able to look at that person at the same time. Get an opportunity to listen to the artist speak so that you can hear if he sounds like the real artist.

Consider the experience one has. There are many gifted performers out there, but without a considerable amount of stage presence, they may not be able to deliver much when facing a large crowd. If you are dealing with a corporate audience, for example, you need a confident and reliable entertainer who can move people.

Get some assurance on the quality of performance you will receive. This can be difficult if the artist is not known by many people who can vouch for him. However, you can still ask for videos of at least the last three performances. This should be able to help you analyze the ability of the impersonator.

Discuss the charges. Impressionist will charge just like normally artists, but they should not be as expensive. You need to find out the average costs of the entire package including accommodation and transportation if required. You can also talk to other performers so that you know what they would charge.

Ask about additional charges. Most performers come with their equipment, which is normally included in the quote. However, this may not always be the case, so you need to know if you are the one who would be providing these services. If so, you need to find out the charges in advance so that you can know what everything would cost.

Meet the performer. Some impersonators work in groups, so that every performance is carried out by a different individual. This is fine as long as they all share similar physical and voice characteristics. However, it is important that you see them so that you can actually confirm that they have what you are looking for.

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