Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Writing An Anime Video Review

By Sally Delacruz

If you have been given the task to write this kind of article, then you should be able to do it the right way. You can do that by reading this brief yet informative source. Keep in mind that you cannot just write anything that you want. You have some guidelines that you need to follow and they are all reflected below.

Actually, the first part of your source should be dedicated to the summary alone. However, to prevent people from stopping on that portion of your anime video review, you will need to provide them with something to look out for. This can be in the form of a cliff hanging question that will give them no choice but to give your work a chance.

Keep in mind that you are not allowed to copy the work of other people. You are not being paid to do that stuff. You would need to fully rely on your talent. Your review should all be about your prospective simply because people would want to know if the anime has managed to capture your attention.

The only thing that should not be reflected in your review is the tiniest hint of a spoiler. You are doing this task to inform people and not to grab the joy of discovering things for themselves. You must be able to keep that in mind especially when you are writing the first part of your article.

Actually, the rule here is quite simple. If the plot has a huge twist in the end, then you should not divulge any detail regarding that matter. You can leave a hanging question instead so that people will have more reasons to watch the clip themselves. Just take note that everything you do is for people to gain an interest on the movie that you are featuring in your source.

Now, if you do not have all the time in the world to watch the whole video, then you can just make use of the different forums which are available over the Internet. Gather the reactions of the people who have already laid their eyes on the film. If most of them are not satisfied with the plot, then that same reaction must be reflected on the article that you are making.

Also, be very clear with your opinion. Your audience want nothing but the truth from you. Thus, never beat around the bush. If your assignment is to create a lengthy article, then you should be able to fill your source with what you really feel as a reviewer. Otherwise, you would certainly lose a greater part of your audience.

On top of that, learn to be more specific. Enhance your story telling skills. Simply treat your audience as children who are eager to learn.

Lastly, do not forget to leave the anime with the grade that it deserves. It would be best if you stick with the five star range. It is already popular among individuals and it is a system that anyone would understand.

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