Thursday, December 26, 2013

Learn More About Therapeutic Sound Project And Its Benefits

By Lilia Moody

Just turning on the music system and listening to music is not music therapy. A therapeutic sound project is the systematic use of music to help the person live a better quality of life. Many individual differences exist in this kind of treatment. It all depends on the condition and choices of the people who are taking the treatment. While one genre can work for one person, a completely different one might be the right one for another.

Music therapy uses music and it forms for the betterment of physical and mental health of the person. The different aspects of music are physical, mental, and spiritual and so on. That can be used to heal the client. Depending on the condition of the person, it is decided how the music is going to be used to treat him. It can either be listening to music, moving to it, or even singing.

It is proven that listening to lively and pleasant music can uplift the mood of a person. It is of great help in the improving the social life too. Music is said to be one of the most effective conversation starters and the base to great friendships.

One of the many uses of music therapy is its use in the treatment of mood disorders in teenagers. It is the most productive age of a human being. The identity formation occurs at this age, and it is important that the teenagers are kept calm and stable so that they turn out to become better products of the society. Music therapy helps in doing the same.

People who go through serious illnesses like a stroke that changes their lives completely also take to music therapy to maintain a calm state of mind. They try to control their anxiety, nervousness and depression with the use of music. It is proven that people who avail the facilities of a music therapist along with the regular treatment that they are going through, are generally in a better state of mind than the ones who don't. They tend to be a lot more optimistic towards life.

As already proven time and again, music has many mood uplifting abilities. This makes it very effective in the treatment of depression. It hinders the production of the stress hormone- Cortisol. This leads to a happy and a pleasant state of mind. It also allows the person to be emotionally free, and makes him a lot more expressive.

While adults require music therapy for such major problems, children have their own needs too. Short attention span, problems with communication and behaviour and lack of social skill can be treated with the use of music therapy. Generally children are encouraged to learn to play an instrument, to make sure that the child is doing something productive in the session hours and also developing a skill.

Music therapy in its true forms is said to be ancient. It is believed that Apollo, the Greek god of music and medicine cure mental disorders by using a song. The use of therapeutic sound projects, the way we know it today was started after the world wars where the people found solace and peace in music after the devastation that had taken place.

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