Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Searching For The Right Entertainment For Corporate Events

By Jeannie Chapman

Preparing for every major function, meeting and corporate event can be daunting for some. There are many considerations to think about. One important factor that must never be overlooked is the entertainment for corporate events. As an organizer, you can only consider an event a success when the guests had fun. Apparently, you are looking for a clean, decent entertainment.

There are only a few performers ideal for corporate functions. This could be both a good thing and bad. Since the numbers are limited, finding a reputable entertainer becomes much easier. There is no need to go through a long list of bands. However, this also means that your options are quite constricted. To aid you with your search, the following pointers may be helpful.

Consider the type of audience you are anticipating. Make sure that your chosen form of entertainment is appealing and suitable to them. Choose one that is favorable to the majority, if not to everyone present. Think about the line of interest, lifestyle or the age group of the guests. If your main audience belong to the youth, they may be interested in lively and vigorous performance. On the other hand, the mature ones may prefer a more relaxing presentation.

After identifying your guests' preference, you may decide on the type of presentation. You can choose from a variety of presentations, such as a magical show, a comical performance or a musical rendition. No matter which form of entertainment you choose, it is imperative that you set boundaries. Advise the performers about what they can and cannot do or say to avoid offending your honored guests.

Consider the performer's experience. A fresh perspective is always good every once in a while, but it could be a huge gamble in a corporate event. It is wise to stick around with entertainers who have been in the industry long enough. By now, they should have already learned the unspoken rules in business functions.

It is also wise to discuss the price early on. Most often, quality comes with a price. Be prepared to pay a hefty amount as long as the performers can deliver. Agree on what is included in their rate. At times, you may be required to pay a deposit right on to reserve the time slot, especially when the performers have received other offers as well.

Discuss the details. Once you found an entertainer who fits the qualifications, iron out the details. Advise the performer as to how long the performance will take, how many the guests are expected and other specific details. Be open to suggestions, too. With his extensive experience, you can expect some good advice from him.

Document the deal. In such an important event, you must not take chances. Draft a contract stipulating the agreements that both parties have reached. This will serve as a guarantee that the performers will show up on the event and honor the agreement. Most contracts include the performer's liability if they fail to honor their end of the bargain.

As a final note, make sure that you enjoy the fruits of your labor. Many organizers get too engrossed in the process that they fail to realize why they hired entertainment for corporate events in the first place. They get overly anxious that they could no longer relish the event.

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