Sunday, April 20, 2014

Knowing More About Corporate Art Collections

By Anita Ortega

Corporate art is extremely important to the overall image of a corporation because it adds class to the office of the corporation. It is simply because the company would want to retain a good image and good impression to those who enter the office that they would buy corporate art collections. Now for those who are interested in this subject matter, here are some things to know about it.

One can actually consider these paintings as a company asset because they would actually serve as some sort of marketing tool that does help the image of the corporation. It is for this specific reason that these corporations do not mind shelling out a lot of money on these so called worthless paintings. There are actually a lot of reasons as to why these things are actually very important.

Now a corporation always has to be attractive to the public because the people have a certain expectation of corporations. The public would expect the corporation to at least look classy and professional on the outside. Now the corporations would hang paintings on their walls in order to respond to that particular expectation so that when visitors would come into the office, the visitors can see that the corporation knows exactly how to present itself.

Now another very important reason as to why there are artworks on the walls of big offices is that the people would want the visitors to feel right at home. Psychology studies would state that paintings actually do have a very calming effect on people who are looking at them. So when a visitor would come into the office to wait for an appointment, he will actually feel relaxed after looking at one of the paintings there.

Not only the visitors will feel more at home with the paintings but even the workers will as well. There have been some actual findings that state that artworks actually have a calming effect on the brain that would bring out positivity in a person. This in turn will help the workers become more productive in the office.

Art in general is proven to stimulate brain activity inside the minds of people. Some of the positive effects that paintings could have on the brain would be reduction of tension, increase in creativity, and higher levels of happiness. This would result in overall productivity in the office and would help boost the morale of workers.

Now not only will the corporation benefit from this act but even the country as well. Now by exposing the people to paintings, the company is actually promoting the culture of the country where the artwork was made. So by simply looking at certain artworks, one may be able to be more exposed to a certain culture.

By doing this, the corporation is also promoting art in general. Since many people today are not familiar with great artworks, the corporations are doing the art community a big favor by showcasing paintings. That way, more and more people will be more aware of paintings and will appreciate them more.

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