Monday, April 21, 2014

Tips For Choosing A Jazz Guitar Amp

By Essie Osborn

People who play jazz tend to be very passionate. Equally the people listen to the music often want the purest sound when they are listening. Therefore while the instrument you choose is important how the sound is amplified is an equally important consideration. Therefore you need to be sure that you have the right jazz guitar amp for your instrument.

On a basic level the job of an amplifier is to amplify sound. In technical terms this means that when you are playing a room the people at the back should be able to hear you as well as the people at the front. It is important to have an amplifier that is effective in this regard so that everyone listening gets the same experience.

However amplifiers are not solely technical devices. The way in which the sound is amplifies can affect the quality of the music as well. Therefore you need to consider how the music sounds as much as whether or not someone can physically hear what you are playing.

Of course how confident you will be in adjusting this sound will dependent on your level of experience as a jazz musician. Someone who has played for a while is more likely to know the level of sound that they want and be able to adjust it accordingly. For someone getting started this is something that they have to get used to.

There is also an issue regarding the level of control. While it may be tempting to pick an amp with a lot of additional buttons this can make them more complex for people who have only just started playing jazz guitar. Fortunately there are also amplifiers with simpler controls for people who are just getting started!

Increasingly there are more options to customise the sound via control panels on the amplifier. Some people like a lot of buttons on a control panel so they have more control over the quality of the sound and to adjust it accordingly. However if you are just getting started it is recommended you start with a simpler system as this will be more user friendly.

Another debate is whether or not you want to use digital systems. Some people use digital systems in order to recreate certain sounds. However other people feel that this makes the sound seem artificial. Ultimately you have to decide for yourself what kind of sound you want in order to narrow down the options available to you. Even if you intend to purchase one online it is worth testing one in a store so that you can gauge if it works best with the instrument you have.

You can find a number of websites and specialist stores that sell amplifiers for your jazz guitar. It is best to look at various options and compare what they have to offer as well as checking customer reviews, feedback and recommendations from fellow jazz musicians. This will make it easier to find the ideal amp to suit your sound.

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