Monday, May 5, 2014

Making Bracelets From Online Arts And Crafts Store

By Eloise Hewitt

There are a lot of things that you and your little one can do this summer. School is over, so remember to let your child experience summer the fun and exciting way. A good idea to spend the season together is making some crafts. There are a lot of online arts and crafts store where you can buy the materials. It is always fun and so much more exciting when you make it more productive and artistic.

This will also be a good thing to do with your little ones. Making a friendship bracelet will make them treasure their friends even more. They will be more thoughtful and could even be more generous. This project really is an all in one thing. Here are the steps on how to do it so you can get started.

You can use 4 strands of floss or more depending on the design and color combination you want. But, since you will be doing it with your child, it is best to have 4 strand pattern so it will be easier to them. Prepare your scissor, clipboard and a masking tape which will hold the floss while you are making it.

The first step would be to cut the floss to 3 foot long. Line all your floss according to the color sequence you want and tie 4 inches of it on the end. Secure it on the clipboard using the tape. After that, separate each of them.

Now you are ready to do the actual labor. Start by doing basic diagonal stripes. Take the very first strand and put it on top of the next one. Get the second and hold it tight using your hand and make it the base strand. Loop it around with the the knot that you have made with the first strand of floss. Next thing you need to do is pull it to the other direction to create a knot. Then just keep going with this step.

Keep doing the same thing until you can have another set of strands. Loop everything around then start doing the next base. After the doing it, tie everything and repeat the first step until you reach the end of the strand.

Everything is just so easy. They sure are as easy as they are for the children to follow through. Never bore them, instead, have fun with different kinds of ways so they will not feel tired easily.

Look at the good things that they have done. If you think they deserve to be awarded for it, then do so. It makes them feel like they want to do it all again and do something else which is even more productive. Praise them as much as possible.

Let them know how good their jobs are. Tell them that what they did are very nice and that their friends will love it. That is a way for them to feel more excited to give it out and make some more.

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