Monday, May 5, 2014

What 55 And Older Communities Offer

By Eloise Hewitt

When people attain the age of fifty five, they usually enter a new stage of life. Most people in this age bracket are less active than they once were, have grown up children who have left home and they may be looking for new ways to socialize. They may also be looking for new ways to remain active in their community and finding recreation and entertainment opportunities. At this stage of life, people can choose to join 55 and older communities that allow them to stay close to their relatives, peers and friends.

Retirement homes for individuals who have attained the age of 55 provide residents with a great environment to socialize and remain active by engaging in sports, taking classes and participating in health and wellness programs in a resort style setting. These facilities allow seniors who have similar interests to reside close to their age mates and enjoy amenities that are tailored towards seniors. The typical residents of these facilities are seniors who are able to live independently.

Retirement facilities for people over 55 allow residents to relax, rejuvenate and retire without having the worries that are associated with living alone and maintaining a home. They also do not have to travel just for the purpose of participating in recreational activities. These facilities do not provide seniors with assistance in completing activities of daily living.

The home exteriors and yards of retirement homes are maintained by groundskeepers. Security officers patrol these homes to keep them secure. These homes do not offer medical care to residents. They only encourage seniors to stay engaged and active as they live in a condominium, house or apartment.

Retirement facilities for active adults are usually located in scenic settings. This lets residents feel as though they are on a permanent vacation. When people retire, they should be able to relax and enjoy themselves. These facilities offer great leisure and relaxation opportunities for retirees. They are also designed to maximize comfort, safety and livability.

Fifty five and older facilities also offer many amenities like centralized community centers or buildings that house everything from pools, fitness centers, movie theaters and hobby shops. They are also usually located close to restaurants, shopping centers, churches and libraries. This allows residents to get all the want easily without having to drive far to carry out their daily routines.

Living in retirement facilities is exciting since they also offer many and continuous entertainment and socialization opportunities. This may include taking special interest courses, participating in recreation programs and listening to music performance groups. When joining a retirement community, seniors usually pay initial fees that are equivalent to those of leasing or purchasing a house in the area.

Most retirement communities charge additional yearly or monthly fees to cover the costs of amenities and maintenance. Some of the factors that determine how much seniors pay to reside in a retirement community include the type of amenities provided and where the facility is located. Some retirement facilities like the Golden Girls housing arrangement appeal to people of one gender. Others such as senior communities are restricted to people who are 62 years old and above.

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