Saturday, June 7, 2014

Latest News On Celebrity Gossip Is Priceless

By Sally Delacruz

There are many ordinary people in this world who are very interested in people who appear in movies and on television. They want to know all about the latest news on celebrity gossip since this is very good for their souls.

It may take some time for a person to obtain all of the tabloid magazines that are on the news stand. After purchasing all of these writings someone can find a nice quiet place to sit and read about Howard Stern, Colin Firth, David Letterman, Kim Kardashian or even the very sexual Madonna.

Americans know that Kim Kardashian first became famous when she appeared in a sex tape. After this happened this woman could not stay away from any cameras that came upon a scene. She had numerous affairs with very seedy males just to get attention from other human beings. Kim had a child with the gruesome Kanye West and eventually they were married.

Colin Firth was one actor who had looks and charm several years ago. Nowadays he looks like he is suffering from anorexia nervosa since he is so thin. This once handsome male looks like he has a severe eating disorder which is making him very unattractive.

He was in better shape several years ago while playing in the feature film "Mama Mia." After that particular film he went on to star in a movie called "A Single Man." Many people believe that he went on a crash diet when he became involved with Tom Ford and his crew. Colin Firth still seems pretty thin to this day and every person thinks that his former look will never come back.

It is amazing how many people across the globe love and admire Howard Stern. He is a man that is very immature and not that attractive. His radio shows are very childish and he has a fascination for porn stars and lesbians. Mr. Stern has taken over "America's Got Talent, " and some of the other hosts have left the show because of this. He is currently married to his child bride and is the perfect example of Hollywood madness.

One of the richest women in this world is named Oprah Winfrey and she is in a constant battle with her father's widow. Oprah refuses to give her stepmother any money and she even wants to throw this older woman onto the street. The two of them can be seen bickering on every entertainment show across the globe. Many people are shocked that Ms. Winfrey is so cheap. She is one woman that can afford any item on this planet.

Mr. David Letterman is another unattractive male living in the United States who has made millions of dollars. Recently he was let go from his television show because of his past sexual escapades with very young girls. David Letterman had a habit of only hiring women since he wanted to sleep with them. Many of his male workers never liked him and they were very happy after he was terminated.

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