Saturday, June 7, 2014

Snarky Celebrity Gossip Is Part Of Our Lives

By Sally Delacruz

People relate or talk about celebrities more easily than neighbors and friends. Snarky celebrity gossip is seen in almost all our day activities. Many associate it with fascination obsession people have with celebrities. This kind of fascination with people that are famous is something that has been around us for a long time.

Obsession about public figures is evident in our daily lifestyle. Every time we come across relatives, friends and family the main talk is about celebrities. These figures have certainly become an aspect of social fabric. People do not anymore dig into others lifestyle or care to know how they are doing. In fact when people meet they use gossip about celebrities to connect with each other.

Our lives have been occupied by talks about the most popular people around us. In our homes and work places that is the talk. What else do people talk about at their work place around the water coolers apart from the latest antics in the office or politics. Celebrity gossip has become the center of our conversation. It has become impossible to even interact with close people like mother-in-laws without bringing in gossip of famous figures.

Some of these famous public figures appear so irresistible. It is difficult to understand why people admire some of these celebrities and hold them so dearly. There are so many answered unanswered questions are to why people love certain figures and not others. Often researchers several questions some of these are: Do celebrities live a different life from ours? What is so glamorous about their lifestyle? The truth is every individual has their own distinct reason as to why they admire a particular figure.

People have concealed so many things in their hearts concerning celebrities. In a sense these figures have become new gods. Many are always fantasizing and wishing their lives would be like of their admired figures. They wish they could be rich, talented, beautiful and desirable like most of the celebrities. It is interesting to note that despite the many wish they could fall.

We are always following up about their lifestyle. No wonder we watch shows, entertainment programs and read most materials that talk about them. According to a recent research by advertising and publications companies, reading materials and entertainment publications that contain celebrity gossip sell most every week. This has enabled them make a lot of money. They have discovered people will always buy reading materials like magazines as long as they contain celebrity news.

The increasing rate of celebrity gossip has attracted the attention of various researchers in anthropology, linguistics, evolutionary psychology, social history and social psychology. The topic about celebrities and lifestyle has drawn even philosophers into the debate. Although in the past talks about famous appeared okay whether positive or negative of late it has acquired pejorative connotations.

Celebrity talk has impacted both negatively and positively to our society. The major positive contributions include: enhancing group bonding, reinforcing shared values and relationship building. In addition to that some of these discussions enlighten people about public life and proceedings such as politics.

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